PrestaShop: How to create a custom page without CMS

Recently, I had a Project where my client wanted a page with a custom form in their existing PrestaShop based eCommerce site. As of my experience in working with WordPress, my first obvious preference was to create a new CMS page and write the HTML tags and the JavaScript part in the page using the HTML editor provided in the page creator tool. This is where the problem showed up. Unlike WordPress, the HTML editor (known as TinyMCE) in PrestaShop does not accept JavaScript and some HTML tags. Doing a bit of research, I found this article which shows how to enhance the capability of this TinyMCE by adding a few lines of code in a TPL file. But when I went to the FTP location mentioned in the article, I found no such TPL file. This left me no choice but to manually create a custom page, a situation of which you are not going to get any useful tutorial or resource online. This is why I felt like sharing the way of performing this task.
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